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An excellent word processor integrated into your browser


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If you don't know SSuite products yet, you're missing out on a range of tools that cover a wide variety of user needs, from GIF creation to photo editing, document creation, or even printing labels for any business.

In the case of SSuite Fandango Desktop Editor, you can access a completely free word processor that can be used from your own web browser, so you won’t have to install anything on your computer.

This online tool includes all the basics for easily creating any document, from font and size modification, to text color options, indentations, different alignment modes, or table insertion, just to name a few features. This webapp follows the WYSIWYG processing model, so you can always see how your document will look when you save it or print it.

You can see that SSuite Fandango Desktop Editor is an effective tool in the vein of the online office suites from Google or Microsoft.
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